“I don’t like what you are saying,” Randy expressed, “but I know it’s true.”

Randy has been talking about the money he needs to buy the car he wants. With his parents chipping in some of the money, he is still left with needing to make $400 a month. At 16 years old this means either 12 hours per week working at the local grocery store OR 3 hours a week doing tutoring.

Which should he choose? 48 hours a month of mundane, slow moving work vs 12 hours a month of fun, relatively easy work?

The problem is that the grocery store is ready to hire him today but the tutoring is just an idea.

Randy is a year ahead of grade level in math, has a 105 grade average right and younger kids would really like him. He has younger siblings who play on soccer teams and his parents are friends with all the other parents. He lives in the right neighborhood. Through his family contacts alone he could probably find several tutoring clients.

Going from unknown grocery store boy to popular neighborhood math tutor, would require a lot of work, most of which is out of his comfort zone. He’d have to make the effort to speak to these parents, describe his services and convince them to take a chance hiring a high school student to tutor in a community where many college students and even teachers do this in their free time. He’s tech savvy and would benefit from building a webpage for himself. He would benefit from getting teachers to write some testimonials. Not only would he need to ask them for this favor, he’s also have to follow up with them if they got busy and forgot.

It sounded like so much work that I could see him sinking down into his chair and the thought of it. Taking the job at the grocery store was a “no brainer”… pursuing the far more lucrative tutoring, required discipline and effort.

Many teens and young adults who attend HeroPath Intensive programs face similar dilemmas. To get what they most means choosing a path that is more difficult.

I explained to Randy what I’ve explained to many others like him:

“It seems there is an unavoidable truth in life that to get what you want that you currently don’t have requires some degree of three things: Risk, Discipline and Going out of your comfort zone. If you are not willing to experience these three things, your life is going to be pretty liminted. If you can build a capacity for them, your future just got a whole lot bigger and brighter.”

This is an unavoidable truth of growing up and how life works.

At HeroPath we help teens develop the capacity for the discomfort they must endure to get what they really want in life. It’s one reason we don’t call ourselves a “Feel Good” workshop. It’s also the reason we have such success helping teens and young adults launch into the adventure of their lives.

Contact us to learn more about how to enroll your son or daughter in a Heropath program. Oh, and if you live in San Francisco and need a math tutor… I can refer you to someone to help with that too. It will be up to him to do the rest.

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