Few pieces of advice are more appealing and simultaneously more discouraging, than “Find Your Passion.” The suggestion with this both implicitly and often explicitly, is that everyone has a unique Purpose they were put on this earth to do, something that aligns with their Passion, and once they find these and act on them, great riches, abundance and happiness will come their way.

Here’s the problem with this ideal: Very few people every find something that they are truly passionate about (something they love enough that they would suffer for it), until they have children!

Of those who do find something they are deeply Passionate about, few of them find it to be something they can easily monetize and make a significant income doing. Even fewer find this One Thing when they are still adolescents.

Yet in spite of this reality, many youth today are encouraged to “find something you are passionate about” and they get hung up on this. They get paralyzed with doubt because they are not sure what the One Thing is or they get discouraged because they can’t even find one thing they feel passionate about.

At HeroPath, we avoid talk of finding Passion or Purpose. Instead we focus on finding Life Direction.

When we align our interests, strengths, talents and natural proclivities, what emerges is Life Direction.

It then becomes obvious very quickly not to pursue certain paths that just do not align with who you are. Likewise it becomes obvious other paths that make much more sense. Very frequently when we run participants through this process, they narrow down many options to just a few, and this is more than enough to quickly go from overwhelmed with choice and uncertainty to focused on what to be doing next to move forward.

HeroPath participants in one weekend have been able to decide where to go to college, what to study, what jobs to pursue, what career paths to explore… They have determined which relationships to stay in and which ones to leave… which opportunities to pursue and which ones to pass…

And they consistently find themselves feeling more positive, more realistically hopeful and more determined to go down the right path in life and discover the adventure their life can be.

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