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The 7 Critical Decisions for Teens reveals the seven choices that set the course of a teen’s life.

The wrong choices can lead to insecurity and a delayed transition into adulthood, wasting valuable time on a course that will never lead to contentment. The right choices, however, will place your teen on the path to a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Jeffrey Leiken is a Master Mentor and Advisor for Millennial teens and young adults, particularly those seeking substance in life personally and professionally. Recognizing their needs for real-world advice, guidance, and modeling, Jeffrey turned his back on the clinical psychology that dominates the personal help world, finding it unnecessary and at times destabilizing and destructive for youth who are otherwise healthy but are struggling with growing up. He created Evolution Mentoring as the much needed alternative. He holds a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling, is a Master Trainer of the MythoSelf® Process, has guest lectured at Stanford University, presented to over 35,000 parents, teens and professionals on three continents, and been a featured TED presenter. He is the author of Adolescence Is Not A Disease (Advantage 2016).