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The 3 Truths Of Progress

"I don’t like what you are saying,” Randy expressed, “but I know it’s true.” Randy has been talking about the money he needs to buy the car he wants. With his parents chipping in some of the money, he is still left with needing to make $400 a month. At 16 years old this means either 12 [...]

The Best Choice is Less Choice

Teens are frequently told how important it is to keep their options open. They hear this when they get a low grade. They are told this when they procrastinate and fail to do their best work. They are told this when they are encouraged to stay on a team or stick with some extra-curricular even though they’ve lost [...]

The Problem with Passion

Few pieces of advice are more appealing and simultaneously more discouraging, than “Find Your Passion.” The suggestion with this both implicitly and often explicitly, is that everyone has a unique Purpose they were put on this earth to do, something that aligns with their Passion, and once they find these and act on them, great riches, abundance and happiness will [...]